What Am I Reading today?

BEGINNING, MUDDLES AND ENDS, Avi's new book about writing right. I'm really enjoying the beautiful illustrations. I love the type design and flourish on the front cover.
Tricia Tusa's pencil drawings are wonderful, especially the end pages which look like a spray of field flowers, leaves and seeds.. One of my favorite inside spots (drawing) is of a bird standing over her nest egg, holding a shade umbrella made of tiny leaves.
Avi has created two darling characters, Avon & Edward, a snail and an ant. You may have read some of their other stories.. Altogether a nice book to experence.

MR.PUSSKINS & LITTLE WHISKERS, a sequal to Mr. Pusskins..... it's enjoyable, but didn't beat out my current all time favorite, MR. PUSSKINS which made me cry... Love facial expressions of these characters!!