What Am I Reading Today?

I read groups or themes of books together. Last year I read tons of marketing books until I found the answer I needed.
This year I'm reading books about writing and painting craft. I put down one and pick up another, read a few chapters bookmark the page and go on to the next. Like visiting different friends. Sometimes I finish a book in one reading..
Unfortunately, I'm sick a lot so this is something I can do easily in bed.
COLOR, A Natural History of The Palette by Victoria Finlay. 2004. Bought this in NYC at the Modern Museum of Art. I'm a painter. I love color!! Interesting book, interesting author.
ACRYLIC REVOLUTION, Tricks and Techniques For Working With The World's Most Versatile Medium, by Nancy Reyner. 2007.
I used to teach acrylic and watercolor painting and like to experiment. There's one thing in this book that interests me that I'm going to try.
AWAKENING YOUR PSYCHIC POWERS, Henry Reed, PH.D. 1988. Learning to access the unconscious.