What Am I Reading Today?

A VERY HAIRY SCARY STORY by Rick Walton, G.P. Putnam's Sons 2004..
I like the illustrated background neighborhood, silhouettes and rhyming story but MC is too cartoon like. Still, I like the opening spread with the clock and the two girls. Clock is nice. Girls, nice details: holding cell, putting arm in sweater.
This story is so simple but channels a major event in the herstory of womankind...... walking home after dark, ALONE.... I suppose this is the reason for cartoon characters, keep it light, keep it funny.. distantly similar to Little Red. Its telling little girls, but not too preachy, be careful. Better call for a ride next time.
HALLOWEENA by Miriam Glassman..Atheneum Books, 2002
Nice, fun. Contains a letter for her sister. Cute illustrations. Love the title and her name.

Back to the studio to work on my pb book.... 'till I finish it and send it out, can't read much..