What Am I Reading Today?

LASSO THE MOON, by Trish Holland, Golden Book, 2005
I liked the illustrations by Valeria Petrone
STEERING THE CRAFT by Ursula K. Le Guin 1998
Looks good, barely started.....
THE GIRL IN THE CASTLE INSIDE THE MUSEUM by Kate Bernheimer Schwartz Wade Books, 2008
I liked the muted colors and soft illustrations, but the story is weird.
THE EAR BOOK by Al Perkins, Random House (an Easy Reader), 1968
CHESTER, Story and pictures by Syd Hoff, Harper and Row, Easy Reader, 1961
..Nice story, interesting illustration..line with colored pencil..dated but nice.
A DAY IN THE LIFE MURPHY, Alice Provensen, Simon & Schuster, 2003
I love the cover!!...illustration, and story are nice. End pages are dog prints,in different colors but muted. Nice.
HOUNDSLEY AND CATINA AND THE BIRTHDAY SURPRISE, James Howe, Candlewick, 2006 -Nice story and illustration.