What Am I Reading Today?

THE FISH WHO CRIED WOLF, by Julia Donaldson & Axel Scheffler, Arthur Levine Books (imprint of Scholastic), 2007
Nice story and illustrations. Looks like gouache, Interesting underwater scenes.
DUCKS DON'T WEAR SOCKS by John Nedwidek, Illustrations Lee White, Viking, 2008.
Fun cute, nice simple story
MESSENGER, MESSENGER by Robert Burleigh Illos- Barry Root, Atheneum Books, 2000.
interesting pb about a NYC messenger.
Diggory Shields, Illos Scott Nash, Candlewick Press, 2002

JANE AUSTEN'S LITTLE ADVICE BOOK by Cathryn Michon and Pamela Norris
I love the Introduction, " She was a daughter who spent her life primarily in the company of her family, most of whom seemed unaware, if not actually dismissive of, her talent. Sounds familiar.. I can definitely relate to this..