What Am I Reading Today?

THE RUMBLE SEAT PONY, C. W. Anderson, Macmillan Company, 1971
This is a book from my own collection, one of my favorite childhood illustrators. I love his work. He wrote this one too.
TALES OF A LONG AFTERNOON, by Max Bolliger, illos Jindra Capek, Dutton, 1988
Also from my collection...a book I bought at a Library Book Sale. I buy lots of children's books. Nice illustratons.
NICHOLAS BENTLEY STONINGPOT III, by Ann McGovern, illos Tomie dePaola, Holiday House, 1982
Also from my collection.. I am researching a story that I'm currently writing and often look through books, my own the library ones, etc.
note- I don't record all books I'm reading in my blog..