Summer Soup

Veggies from our garden make a good soup....
SUMMER SOUP.. make in a big pot on stove top

Base or stock:
2 cans of whole tomatoes, pealed
1 can tomato paste
add small amount of water approx 1/2 cup, depending on how soupy you like it...

Add vegetables:
4-5 potatoes -cute into small pieces (soup size chunks)
2 zucchinis, or one really large one ( cut into slightly larger pieces then the potatoes)
1 yellow squash (optional, adds nice color)
2 green peppers
I cup green beans (optional)
2 white onions
2 corn on cob (lightly pre-cooked ) shave off kernels with knife
2 large -or 3 medium garden tomatoes cut into large chunks
3 large tablespoons of olive oil

Garden Herbs:
two clove clusters of wild garlic- crush in a drop of oil
two short stems of oregano - stripped leaves and chop small
small handful of diced chives

Bring to a quick boil then down to simmer. Cover with lid.
simmer for approx. 5 to 10 minutes, stirring occasionally Turn off heat and let it sit 20 to 30 minutes in pot.

Serve hot with freshly grated cheese and black pepper.