In response to Julie Hedlund's announcement regarding "pre-published" professionals, or "pre-pubbies", as Julie has dubbed the new term (love that label!), I thought it might be good to gather my thoughts here on my blog.

12 x 12 x'12 is a fantastic follow-up to PiBoldMo, 30 picture book ideas in 30 days, (from last November).
 If it wasn't for the second challenge, my 30 ideas might just have stayed 30 ideas forever! .. Both challenges go together, hand in hand.
My first draft for January was completed several weeks ago, but it might not be that easy next month.  The idea I choose to draft first was the one that I was most excited to write. I could visualize the story unfolding.

 Since then I've had a chance to revisit and refine that first draft... And then I thought..... wouldn't it be great to save all revisions on paper, from the very first draft!!!.. I've done this before but usually had a good head start. So my goal is to save all draft rewrites... until,I can call it a manuscript than.... save all of those manuscript rewrites, even if it takes a couple years.. which is likely it will.